Large Group

Large Group

Tuesday nights 7:30-8:45 in McGlothlin 020

Each week we gather to sing, study the Bible, ask questions, and enjoy each other's company. 

RUF Large Group is for everyone: skeptics, believers, the burned-out, the broken, weird people, normal people, hypocrites, strugglers, doubters, slackers, over-achievers, and everyone in between. RUF is here for you.

The sermons will inform you about the heart of Christianity if you're here to explore your beliefs and will call you back to the center if you're a long time believer.

This Fall we're studying what the Bible has to say about RELATIONSHIPS. We are created to be relational people because we were made to be like a relational God. So we'll unpack the aspects of friendship, dating, self-awareness, and how to relate to God's creation in light of the big story of the Bible. We do Q&A each week, so bring your questions and your friends!

Come out and join us and get to know RUF a little better!