Small Groups

  • About Small Groups

    We have several small groups of people who meet together each week to read the Bible and discuss life, raise questions, and try to understand what the Scripture is saying and what on earth that could mean for us right now. We'd love for you to join one of our groups, whether you are an avid atheist who doesn't believe a word of this or a Sunday School Superhero whose Bible is bled through with highlighter stains. Come join the conversation about the claims of the Bible.
  • Freshmen Foundations

    This Fall we'll be looking at the Core of Christianity. This study will introduce you to the essentials of the Christian faith and equip you to not only survive but thrive in College. How do we grow? What causes change? These questions and more...Freshmen groups meet Thursday nights at 8:00 in Tucker 301.
  • Tough Texts

    Is God a Moral Monster? Did he command his people to commit genocide in the Old Testament? Or endorse slavery? Come and look at some hard stuff in the Bible as we try to understand it all in context. Monday nights at 7:00 at Lemon Hall.
  • Women of the Bible

    A women's only study of the women of the Bible. Come and see these amazing (though often flawed) characters and understand their place in the work of redemption that God is doing from cover to cover in the Bible. Wednesday Nights at 7:00.