What Is RUF?

  • What's RUF?

    Reformed University Fellowship is a community of students that exists to love and serve the College of William and Mary. Our goal is to help students come to understand, know, and follow Jesus Christ as they walk through their college years, and to help lay a foundation for a lifetime of following Jesus and serving him in all areas of life. We're here for the campus-for students from any religious background and students who have no religious background at all. Whoever you are and whatever your story, RUF is for you. Below are some of our values.
  • Community

    At RUF we believe that God made us for relationship, both with himself and each other. Thus it is only in the context of real, deep, and meaningful relationships that true growth can happen.
  • Growth

    All people are people in process. No one is perfect. No one has "arrived." We all need to grow, to change, to be transformed more and more into who it is that God has created us to be.
  • Service

    All the friendship and personal growth in the world ultimately has to go somewhere, to DO something. At RUF we want to serve our campus, our community, and our world.
  • Realism

    We want the truth, as it really is. We want to know the world as it actually exits, in both it's beauty and it's ugliness, and to engage, study, and learn about the wonderful world God has made and is still redeeming.
  • Outreach

    RUF does not exist for itself, but we want others to be brought in, to be part of our community and be introduced to Jesus Christ and begin to learn along with us what it actually means to follow him.